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Baby keepsakes - Great for Baby Gifts

Pressions allows you to be creative!  

First make the perfect handprint or foot print in the sand. Next, you can take small light objects such as coins, some gems, anything you would like to be embedded in your print and put it face down in the sand.  Do not push them in the sand, just place them on top of the sand. If you would like a sparkle finish, simply sprinkle some sparkles on top of your print. 

Next pour the plaster over the sand and let it dry.  When you remove the sand you will find your buried treasure!  Below are some samples, have fun!

If you would like to put larger items in your print eg. toy cars, pine cones, shells etc.  Make the perfect print first, next push your object in the sand till it hits the backboard.  Make sure that the object you choose still allows room for the backboard to go on after your print hardens.

You can also make prints of shells, etc. by pushing them in the sand and removing them as you do with your hand or foot.  Some suggestions are cookie cutters - to make heart shapes, stars etc. 

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